This Is So Cool. Guinness QR Cup

Let’s face it, QR codes are ugly and not very attractive but is showing up just about everywhere.

However, this is just so cool that it over shadows the look of a QR code.

The Guinness QR Cup reveals itself only when the dark beer is poured into it. Once revealed and scanned, you enter the Guinness social media world.

Simple, fun and effective.

Feel free to share some of innovative examples of how QR codes have been used.

Stuck in the Past but need to get with the Times? You can have your Cake & Eat it too – The USB Typewriter

Can you remember the last time you used a typewriter? Remember the clicking sound of productivity and stopping a few times to break out the tipp-ex to correct your mistakes?

If you would love to relive those golden days in a modern digital world, then you may be interested in the handmade USB Typewriter which is made up of a recycled typewriter which allows you to use this once obsolete tool as a keyboard that plugs into any USB-capable device, such as your PC, Mac, or even your iPad! Plus, this new-and-improved gadget features all the advanced functions of a modern keyboard, such as ctrl, alt, esc, and arrow keys, so your typewriter is ready to keep up with your twenty-first century demands.. The USB Typewriter can be bought for $799.00 (£505) over at Uncommon Goods.

Tempting for a geek like me.

Would you buy the USB Typewriter?

A New Addition to My Family – My Apple Family that is

If you were following my Twitter posts on April Fool’s Day (Sunday 01st April), you would have known about my mini adventure to the Apple store to buy my new Macbook Pro 15″ and clone it from my already existing MacBook Pro 15″. Confused? Let me clarify, I am an Apple fan boy and try to collect all the new Apple products that’s worth getting which will have use in my life.

In total, my collection is now made up of 4 MacBooks & my iPhone 4. See pic below:

Macbooks and iPhone 4

From left to right: Macbook 13", Macbook Pro 13", iPhone 4, Macbook Pro 15", Macbook Pro 15"

The last MacBook on the far right is the new baby which was born on April Fool’s Day and I feel like a proud day (It’s sad I know). With that being said and claiming to be an Apple fan boy, you would notice one essential Apple product missing. Can you guess which one? It’s the iPad of course but there is a very good reason until now.

There is an iPad in the house but it is not mine but found myself never needing to use it but instead always using one of my MacBooks due to the heavy-duty tasks that I do in my day job or the things I do as a hobby i.e. audio & video editing, Photoshop & Fireworks editing & designing, sorting out my over 100,000 tracks music collection & watching many DVDs. The iPad is  not suitable for any of these tasks so never really needed one until now. So what has changed?

It’s not really a question of “What has changed?” but more of “What has happened”, and what happened was “Humanly Digital”. Since starting Humanly Digital on Saturday 30th March, I tend to use the iPad in the house more as it is a perfect tool for reading my blog on the fly or quick research into a blog topic I may be thinking of writing.

So iPad 3, I’m coming for you. Look out for my next Apple Mini Adventure coming to a Twitter account near you.

I’m interested in knowing what your Apple family tree is like. In the comments section below, feel free to let me know what Apple products you’ve got at home.

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