Introduce Yourself to the Humanly Digital Community

Hi, my name is Jason and welcome to my little space online called “Humanly Digital” giving you an up close and personal insight into my life, who I am, my passions, my likes, my dislikes, my successes and my failures whilst sharing professional knowledge from my career on my journey to becoming one of the world’s top Online Digital Marketer.

So, Why Humanly Digital? 

By profession I am a Digital Marketing Manager for one of the largest transport companies in the UK hence the “Digital” which I am so passionate about and absolutely love my job but at the same time, believe it or not, I am a Human being hence “Humanly”. The best way I can describe myself in a nutshell is by being a “MoMuTechFoFashionist” (Yeah, I made it up and I know it’s stupid but this is the kind of professional silliness you can expect from my blog while still sharing valuable information so let me explain what this means). MoMuTechFoFashionist stands for Movies, Music, Technology, Food and Fashion. These are my passions and this is who I am which on several occasions you will find the odd posts about things that have absolutely nothing to do with the Digital world which will keep you entertained and keep coming back week on week to see what I’m up to in my life.

So welcome once again and feel free to like or share my blog with your friends and family or anyone whom you may think it will be of use to. Please also join into conversations by commenting to posts and you can start right now by leaving a reply below telling me your name and what type of “Nist” are you. I am a “MoMuTechFoFashionist”, what are you?

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