This Is So Cool. Guinness QR Cup

Let’s face it, QR codes are ugly and not very attractive but is showing up just about everywhere.

However, this is just so cool that it over shadows the look of a QR code.

The Guinness QR Cup reveals itself only when the dark beer is poured into it. Once revealed and scanned, you enter the Guinness social media world.

Simple, fun and effective.

Feel free to share some of innovative examples of how QR codes have been used.

LG 42LM660T Cinema Screen TV

I’ve been looking for a new television for my bedroom over the past few months and I may have just found the one.

LG 42LM660T Cinema Screen. LG describes the 42LM660T Cinema Screen TV as revolutionary as it’s LED Plus display dims unused  parts of the screen for extreme contrast and a ‘film noir’ moodiness and anyone that knows me knows that I love movies and the cinema.

Lovefilm, Netflix, my bed & the LG 42LM660T spells a perfect weekend.

Panasonic “Eluga” Waterproof Smartphone – May Just Get One Just To Go Swimming

Panasonic has launched the Eluga waterproof smartphone which runs the Android operating system. It will be great if the iPhone 5 can be waterproof as well as anyone who has visited an Apple Genius bar after dropping their iPhone in any form of liquid, you will find that it is not covered by your insurance.

Apple can easily identify if your iPhone has been immersed in water as the inside almost instantly corrodes and becomes greenish in colour. Anyway back to the Panasonic. I would like to get one just to test it, nothing else really. Too much of an Apple iPhone fan to make it my personal mobile device.

If you would like to buy the Panasonic Eluga, you should sign up for an email alert to know when it is available in your region over at the Panasonic website here

Nine approaches to creative problem solving

  1. Rethink! Look at problems in many different ways.
  2. Visualize! Utilize diagrams and imagery to analyze your dilemma.
  3. Produce! Genius is productive.
  4. Combine! Make novel combinations…
  5. Form! Form relationships.
  6. Opposite! Think in opposites.
  7. Metaphor/simile! Think metaphorically.
  8. Failure! Learning from your mistakes is one example of using failure.
  9. Patience! Don’t confuse inspiration with ideas.

Mentor’s Corner: Steve England’s (RE:SYSTEMS) 5 Top Tips

Steve England RE SystemsSteve England is one of the founders and Managing Director of RE:SYSTEMS. His management skills and understanding of the business issues behind any investment in technology have been pivotal in helping him win and maintain some of the group’s most prestigious clients. Steve is responsible for driving growth, providing strategic support and direction to the RE:SYSTEMS team and the company’s expanding product base as well as playing a key role in managing key client relationships.

Steve England’s 5 Top Tips

  1. Never make assumptions
  2. Everybody is a sales man
  3. Don’t be scared to take a timeout to think
  4. What goes around comes around, trust me
  5. Love yourself because nobody else will
What do you think about Steve England’s 5 Top Tips? What are your 5 top tips you live by?
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